About the Contributors

The Scruffy Dog ReviewWho are we?

We are published authors, poets and experienced editors who want more out of online publishing.

We’ve come together from several countries around the world to create what we hope will become one of the most critically acclaimed magazines on the web.

This blog is an outlet for keeping in touch with our readers between issues of the quarterly magazine. Here we report on local writing issues, give out writing advice, and make announcements that affect the magazine.

Meet the Contributors

Brenda Birch, Managing Editor

Brenda is a published author and poet, who uses the pen name of B.K. Birch. Her short stories and poetry have been published at Solander – The Magazine for the Historical Novel Society, Wildchild Publishing, Penwomanship, Charlotte Parent Magazine, Riverwalk Journal, Copperfield Review, Zygote in My Coffee, Crush Magazine, and Emerging Women Writers. You can reach her at brenda@thescruffydogreview.com.

Devon Ellington, Associate Editor and PR Manager

Devon Ellington publishes under a half a dozen names in various genres, both fiction and non-fiction.  Her work has appeared in publications as varied as EXPRESSO FICTION, ROSE AND THORN, GRIT, THE ARMCHAIR DETECTIVE, WILD CHILD PUBLISHING, EMERGING WOMEN WRITERS and ELLE.  She wrote four serials in four genres under two names for two years for KIC.  Her blog, Ink in My Coffee , details the ups and downs of the writing life.  She is also the founder of The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project and Circadian Poems.  Her website is Devon Ellington Network and you can reach her at devon@thescruffydogreview.com

Colin Galbraith, Associate Editor

Colin Galbraith has been writing for as long as he can remember, and is a prolific published writer of non-fiction articles, fiction, and poetry. He is an editor for two magazines, and has published one novel, two chapbooks, and several e-books.

Born and raised in the west of Scotland, he now lives in Edinburgh where he splits his time between his family, his growing freelance writing business, and getting his next novel published.

His freelance writing website can be found at: freelance.colingalbraith.co.uk, and you can reach him at colin@thescruffydogreview.com

Lara Stauffer, Associate Editor

Lara is an author of Young Adult Historical fiction and Middle Grade Mysteries. A former journalist, she decided to switch to full-time novel writing, and never went back. Her blog, Ramblings of a Suburban Soccer Mom, chronicles the life of a soccer mom juggling kids and a writing career. You can reach her at

Angela Miller, Associate Editor

Angela Miller is a lifelong daydreamer who just wrapped up a Romance serial on KIC and is currently working on her third novel, set in The Great Smokey Mountains. She generously gives of her time and expertise on various writers’ forums and when she’s not writing for herself, she participates in the Angels ‘n Camouflage, an organization that supports U.S. Troops overseas and U.S. Military Veterans. You can visit Angela’s website or read her blog. You can reach Angela at angela@thescruffydogreview.com.

H.G. Dowdell, Contributing Editor

H.G. is a former  journalist and speechwriter. Her flash fiction has been featured in Sister 2 Sister and Honey Magazines, and her short stories can also be found online at Hackwriters, The Copperfield Review, Emerging Women  Writers, and are forthcoming at The Sidewalk’s End, Skive Magazine, and Penwomanship. She’s presently busy at work on her second novel.  You can reach her at hgdowdell@thescruffydogreview.com

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