Sir Walter Scott’s Baffies Up For Grabs

February 26, 2008

Sir Walter Scott's slippers - up for auction this weekendA pair of baffies (a.k.a. slippers) once worn by Sir Walter Scott, are expected to fetch several thousand pounds at an auction in Edinburgh this week.

The slippers were gifted to Scott in 1830, after visitors to his home at Abbotsford became dismayed at the state of the ones he was wearing. They were personally crafted for him by two daughters of a close friend, Mrs Cadogan, from Leamington Spa.

Consultant Dr. Duncan Thomson said: “She and her daughters had visited Abbotsford and they noticed his slippers were in a pretty bad state, so they decided he needed a new pair. They’ve been knocked around a bit, but they are in pretty good condition.”

Although Dr. Thomson declined to speculate on the expected price the slippers might reach, it is quietly hoped they could fetch as much as £5,000.

“They are relics of Scott – something that takes you very close to the man,” continued Thomson.

Executive Manager of Abbotsford House, Jacquie Wright, added: “We would love to have them here and put them on display, but unfortunately we just don’t have the funds to bid.”

Prospective purchasers can view the slippers at Shapes auctioneers in Edinburgh on Thursday and Friday, before the sale takes place on Saturday 1st March..

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~ Colin Galbraith ~


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