Rankin Handprints Marked For Posterity

February 19, 2008

Ian Rankin's handprints in the Caithness stone at Edinburgh City ChambersA Caithness flagstone was unveiled in the courtyard of Edinburgh City Chambers yesterday, and dedicated to top crime author, Ian Rankin.

The writer of the best selling Rebus series of novels was witness to the unveiling of the flagstone, which has been engraved with his handprints in order to commemorate his Edinburgh Award in 2007, and mark the beginning of nominations for the 2008 award.

The Edinburgh Award was first awarded last year, its aim to recognise outstanding achievement and contribution to the city of Edinburgh. The intention is to have the handprints of the annual winner added to the concrete quadrangle outside the Chambers building on the Royal Mile.

Nominees for the award must meet several criteria, which include either having been born in Edinburgh, or having resided there for at least 12 months. They must also have made a positive impact on the city by way of contribution to science, culture, sports, enterprise, technology, charity, or education.

Rankin said of the unveiling: “It is a thrill, as the first recipient of the Edinburgh Award, to have my handprints preserved for posterity on the flagstones outside the City Chambers.

“Having written for years about the travails of ‘the cooncil’, it is only proper and fitting that those same councillors now get to walk all over me for a change.”

He added: “It’s incredible though, as the Royal Mile is full of monuments for dead people, it’s nice to have something for people who are still alive.”

The Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Rt. Hon George Grubb, said the handprints would “serve as a lasting tribute to one of Edinburgh’s most celebrated and best-loved authors.”

Image courtesy of PA/BBC Online

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