Horses Heads To Uplift Scottish Canal

May 22, 2007

The heavy Horse scuplture on the M8 motorway at EasterhouseA new £25 million tourist attraction is to be constructed in Scotland, aimed at helping to revive the fortunes of the Forth and Clyde Canal. Glasgow artist Andy Scott plans to create two 115-foot high horses head sculptures, which would also form the structure of a new boat lift on the canal.

The horses heads are based on the mythical creature, the Scottish Kelpie. Half-horse and half-serpent, it is believed to have lured weary travellers into the water.

Scott, 43, who is best known for the Heavy Horse sculpture by the M8 motorway in Glasgow (see image), has also created works in Australia. He is currently finishing two 10ft high prototypes which he hopes will boost the chances of gaining Lottery funding for the project.

Dubbed the Helix Project, Lottery funding is essential if it is to go ahead. The project would also see the creation of 740 acres of green space, a 750,000-tree woodland, and 20 miles of new paths and cycleways between Falkirk and Grangemouth.

Scott said: “Imagine sailing into Scotland from the West coast and seeing these colossal horses.

“There are many strands of interpretation too. You’ve got the mythological Kelpie horses and you have got the heavy horses which were the powerhouse of the industrial revolution.

“The hardest thing, as with all these projects, is funding.”

A bid to the Big Lottery Fund’s Living Landmarks Programme will be made in May and the winner announced in October.

Digital image used by kind permission from David Dalziel Photography
Image Copyright © David Dalziel.

~ Colin Galbraith ~


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