Creating Your Literary Life — Part I

May 18, 2007

I’m not sure how many weeks this will run, but I’m going to toss a few ideas your way that may help you craft the life you want in this life – and most techniques can be applied to any life in the arts that you wish.

There are two questions you must ask and answer initially for yourself.

The first is:

How badly do I want this?

The second is:

How do I get there?

From that, you can structure and re-structure your life, figure out where you are and aren’t willing to make compromises, and put your plan into action. No one else’s answers will fit you – it’s as individual as your fingerprints. No one else lives your life or lives in your skin. You have to figure this out.

It doesn’t mean you have to be ruthless, selfish, and completely self-involved. In fact, in the bigger picture of the Universe, you’ll probably do better if you’re not. But it does mean creating boundaries, removing toxic people from your life, and getting out of your own way.

Take a few days and think about it: How badly do you want this? Write about it. Write as many pages as you wish every day, if that helps.

The “how do I get there?” will take longer.

And remember – none of these decisions are hard and fast. As you grow, evolve, learn, and mature into your best writing self – you’ll need to adapt your overall plan so it can include your comprehensive self.

Good writers tend to be multi-dimensional human beings. The world has changed, and to accurately bear witness, portray, and develop hope for the future, the writer has to evolve with it.

Devon Ellington


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