Exercise Part IX

June 21, 2006

How are you doing over the course of these weeks? Are you working on separate pieces or do you have one overall piece that calls to you? I’d like to know.

If your stories are stand-alones:

You have four revised short stories and four market lists. This week, take the fifth and longest story. Revise it, and create its market list.

We’re still not sending them out. I know you’re impatient, but don’t send them out of the gate before the bell goes off.

If your stories are part of a bigger piece:

Take the next four scenes and write the scenes/bridges between them, including the bridge between the first set of scenes.

My own examples:

“Suppositions” became “Apriorism” in revisions. It still needs some more work, including a new title.

The first person piece, through the eyes of Alexandra Hill, a main character in “Apriorism” who confronts Mitch Keegan (the politician character from the very first story, “Not My Vote”) is still without a title and still needs work. I will work on it in tandem with working on the long piece this week.


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