Exercise Part V

May 24, 2006

Take out the three articles put aside at the beginning of the process. Read them over.

Craft a story, up to 5000 words, that combines inspirations from all three articles. It can be shorter than 5000 words, but try not to make it longer.

Have a minor character from one of the other stories have a major piece of this story.

To share with you my process over the past few weeks:

The first story was the flash fiction based on the returning GI’s being charged for their treatment. It was rough to keep it that short. I may have to write something longer in the future about these characters.

The second story was just over 1000 words about the spoiled twenty-somethings too stupid to change their own light bulbs.

The article left over, for my last story, was about how literary parties aren’t what they used to be. The easy choice would have been to take a spoiled twenty-something character from the light bulb story and stick her into the lit party. However, I decided to take the politician we met in the first flash fiction, who had to answer to the woman whose brother lost his house because the government charged him for his medical care upon his return from Iraq, in the lit party.

It wasn’t easy, but I think it made for a more interesting story.

For the above piece, my remaining three articles that have to be integrated in this week’s exercise are: the 40-year-old fruitcake, the runaway police horse, and the 1000 year old Roman statue.

It is a puzzle, and should be an entertaining challenge. How on earth will I figure out how to put them together?

The wheels are spinning.

I’m going to insert one of the stupid twentysomethings in the story and kill him or her off.

Check back next week. I want to hear what people have come up with!


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