Get Thee to a Library!!

May 18, 2006

I remember as a kid, the public library was sooooo cool. It was like a sanctuary. Except for the slightly batty white-hair-in-a-tighter-than-tight-bun Librarian shushing everybody, it was like being in a church. It was my church. I could look through anything I liked–and spend hours, so long as I wasn’t bothering anyone. It was Heaven.

Today, our local library is down the street, and I took a peek in the other day, and was slightly surprised at what I found. Libraries have become full-blown meccas lately, with all the technology we have…much more so than the 70’s and 80’s when I was hanging out with Whitey Uptightey.

Now there are computer centers. There are Video centers, where they’ve basically built a Blockbuster section in between Reference and Romance. There are elaborate kid’s sections, some with overstuffed chairs and places where kids and parents with kids can read.

I remember Libraries used to be just books. Almost as well as I remember scrolling through Microfiche, and who can forget the almighty Card Catalog?

Times have changed. Libraries are AWESOME places. Go and check out your local Library. Whitey Uptightey with her bun may still be there, and yes, they STILL don’t let you check out the Reference books, but the major coolness of the Library itself will make it worth the visit!


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