Exercise Part II

April 26, 2006

Did everyone clip their articles each day? Or did you panic and clip six in a single day? Although there’s nothing wrong with clipping more than six, if there were articles that actually interested you.

I’d be interested in participants sharing, in the comment section below, the articles picked.

I found the week frustrating – it was difficult to find the type of oddity I wanted, other than the very first day. However, looking down my list, it’s not as bad as I feared.

Mine are:

a fruitcake sent to a soldier in Alaska in 1962 that he put aside and discovered 40 years later;
20 somethings who are so stupid and indulged they call the doorman to change a lightbulb;
a runaway police horse;
a 1000 year old stolen Roman statue on its way back to Italy;
how literary parties aren’t fun any more;
Wounded GIs charged for their care and their accounts being turned over to collection agencies

So, now what?

Turn over the articles, face down, and shuffle them around so you don’t know which is which.

Close your eyes and pick up three articles; put them aside. We’ll deal with them in a few weeks.

Close your eyes again and pick out one article from the remaining three. Put the other two aside – we’ll start dealing with those two next week.

Take the article you picked. In the coming week, write a flash fiction piece, 250-500 words, inspired by the article.

Next week, we’ll work with the other two articles.

Which piece did you get? My flash fiction is the one about the wounded GIs. Check back next week.


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